Best Android/iOS Apps for Dealing with Dilemmas (2022)

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In life, everyone has to make difficult decisions and face dilemmas. Each choice can greatly affect our lives for months or years to come. Some good examples are: Should I quit my job to start my own business, should I buy this house or not, should I get married, should I settle down in the city, or should I buy a new car.

If you let dilemmas stay in your mind for too long without making a decision, stress and anxiety will come and destroy your joy. If you make a rash decision, you will likely regret it later. The best way for us to deal with dilemmas is to face them at the beginning, analyze the gains and losses, and then persevere in pursuing our choices.

This article will walk you through a list of the best Android and iOS apps that can help you get through dilemmas quickly, with little pain, and with no regrets later.

Note: It is a BAD idea to make an important decision by tossing a coin or dice

Decision Maker: Pros & Cons

Download: iOS ($2.99), Android ($2.99)

This app works offline totally so you can use it everywhere with no need of an internet connection. It is very intuitive and easy to use. You just need to write down what you are wondering, list the pros (upsides) and cons (downsides), and rate them by importance and influence from 0 to 10. Soon the answer will be clear, objective and honest. This App will help you act on reason instead of impulsive emotions.

The app works well on both mobile phones and big-screen-device like iPad or Android tablets.

It also supports dark mode so you can comfortably use it at night on your bed.

The app on iPad

IDK? Decision Maker (iOS-only)

Download: iOS (free, in-app purchases)

IDK? Decision Maker is a greate app for iPhone. It is well designed with cute emojis. The app can help you apply mindful decisions to your everyday with cute animated smileys to express that you SHOULD or SHOULD NOT do something. You can also share your dilemma on social media so that your firends can know your concerns.

Just like the first app in the list, this one also allows you to add pros and cons. However, it only evaluates to a small number of levels: Strongly Pro, Pro, Con, and Strongly Con. It is a pity that this app is not designed for large screen devices like iPad or Mac.

Decision Crafting (Android-only)

Download: Android (free)

Decision Crafting seems a bit more complicated and confusing than the 2 applications mentioned above. However, once you get used to it you will be able to take advantage of its features.

Decision Crafting makes it easy to collect advantages and disadvantages and shows you the best choice instantly.
Start by naming your options and finding criteria that characterize them. Set the emphasis based on how important a criterion is to you.

After that it’s time to compare your options. You simply apply a rating based on how good an option performs at a certain criterion then check the result and adjust the ratings as you progress.

Just Using a Pen and Paper

All of the above applications can be replaced by a sheet of paper with a pencil. What you need to do is split the paper in half, one column for the benefits and the other for the cons, and assign each of them a certain weight (point). Calculate the total weight of each column and get a convincing and rational answer.


We’ve gone through a list of best Android and iOS apps for making right decisions. You can go to a quitet place and conveniently use them on your phones or tables. Hopefully you will soon get answers to your dilemmas and have a great day.

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[…] Best Android/iOS Apps for Dealing with Dilemmas […]


[…] Best Android/iOS Apps for Dealing with Dilemmas […]