Best Random Number Generator Apps for iPhone (2022)

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There might be cases where you need to generate some random numbers. For example, when you are in math class and need a list of random numbers, or when you and your friends want to randomly select a number for each person to decide who has to do something, and many other things related to luck.

This article rounds up a list of the best random number generator apps for iOS, that you can easily install and conveniently use on your iPhone or iPad.

Random: All Things Generator

Download: iOS (free, in-app purchases)

This app offers a bunch of features related to randomness:

  • Number generator (only a number at a time)
  • Letter generator
  • A custom item from a list generator
  • Yes or No
  • Color
  • Map Point

Even though the UI is not very attractive, the app is worth trying.

Pretty Random – RNG

Download: iOS (free, in-app purchases)

This is a simple but very colorful app that will produce a random number from a range that can be set by you. A small downside of this app is that it cannot return multiple numbers at once.

The Random Number Generator

Download: iOS (free, in-app purchases)

This is a very small app with a size of only a few hundred kB. It has the classic look and feel of the 2000s.

Random Balls – Shake Them

Download: iOS (free, in-app purchases)

This app lets you create sequences of random numbers in an interesting way. What you need to do is to shake your phone, let the balls collide and mix, put the phone up-right and you will get some results.


We’ve gone through a list of the best random number maker apps for iPhone and iPad. Hope you and your friends will have fun with them and the randomness. If you’d like to explore more helpful and exciting stuff in the mobile world, take a look at the following articles:

You can also check out our Mobile App Reviews category page or Game category page for more helpful, new, and interesting stuff.

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