Best 12+ Single-Player Farm Simulation Games for PC

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In the vast world of gaming, nothing is quite as peaceful, soothing and rewarding as farm simulation games. These titles provide a unique blend of RPG mechanics, town-building, and resource management wrapped up in an agricultural package. You can cultivate crops, nurture livestock, engage with local characters, and watch your farm flourish over time. In this comprehensive listicle, we’ll explore the best single-player farm simulation games for PC, detailing their unique features, gameplay mechanics, and what makes them stand out in the genre.

Stardew Valley

Release date: 27 February, 2016

Developer: ConcernedApe

Stardew Valley is a titan in the farm simulation genre, offering a balanced and immersive farming experience. The game revolves around a character who inherits a family farm and moves to the rural village of Pelican Town. The gameplay involves grooming your family farm into a profitable operation, engaging with local villagers, and revitalizing the town with the aid of magical creatures.

The game boasts a robust community of farmers obsessed with optimizing their operations and designing the most profitable or aesthetic farms. The game also supports modding, allowing you to modify the experience to your liking. Whether you’re a farming novice or a seasoned veteran, Stardew Valley provides a compelling and rewarding farming experience.

Farming Simulator Series

Release date: 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018, 2021

Developer: Giants Software

The Farming Simulator series offers a realistic farming simulation experience for players who prefer a business-oriented approach. The game challenges you to manage your balance sheet for the year, deciding what equipment to buy, which livestock to purchase, and how much seed you’ll need for the season.

The latest installment, Farming Simulator 22, introduces even more features, including the ability to build vineyards or olive orchards, or downsize to just a greenhouse or a couple of beehives. The game also offers a multiplayer mode, allowing you to manage a farm with up to 16 players.

My Time at Portia

Release date: 15 January, 2019

Developer: Pathea Games

My Time at Portia is a charming farm simulation game that combines elements of town-building, crafting, and resource gathering. The game’s storyline involves restoring your late father’s workshop to its former glory and becoming a part of the local community.

Besides farming, the game lets you take on commissions to construct new items for your fellow townsfolk, explore the post-apocalyptic world of Portia, and even fight monsters in its myriad of dungeons. These additional elements help to bolster your character’s underlying stats, including stamina, which is crucial for farming and crafting.

Slime Rancher

Release date: 1 August, 2017

Developer: Monomi Park

Slime Rancher puts a delightful twist on the traditional farming game, allowing you to rear adorable, bouncing slimes instead of the usual crops and livestock. The aim is to grow your army of gelatinous blobs and sell their ‘plorts’ (or slime poop) for as much cash as possible.

The game’s pace is more fast-paced than traditional farming games, with much of your time spent away from your farm scavenging for resources and discovering new slimes. Despite its chaotic tendencies, Slime Rancher remains a very approachable farming game that offers a unique and fun experience.

Story Of Seasons: Friends Of Mineral Town

Release date: 15 July, 2020

Developer: Marvelous Inc.

Story Of Seasons: Friends Of Mineral Town is a modern remake of one of the most beloved installments in the Harvest Moon series. The game follows a familiar formula: the protagonist arrives as a newcomer to a floundering town and, by running a successful farm and making friends, breathes life back into the community.

The game strikes a perfect balance between farming and social life, making it an excellent choice for players who enjoy both aspects of farm simulation games. The game also includes an Expansion Pass, which adds new content, including additional marriage candidates and characters from previous Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons titles.

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

Release date: 15 November, 2017

Developers: TABOT, inc., Natsume Inc.

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope is a part of the long-standing Harvest Moon series, which made its debut on PC with this installment. The game’s premise involves you getting shipwrecked and landing in a coastal town where you help rebuild the lighthouse.

Light of Hope follows a similar pattern to other farming town simulations: you grow crops, raise animals, engage with the local community, and slowly but surely restore life and hope back into the town. The game may not be as polished as its counterparts, but it still provides a charming and engaging farming experience.

Moonstone Island

Release date: 20 September, 2023

Developer: Studio Supersoft

Moonstone Island is a relatively new addition to the genre, offering an adorable cross between Stardew Valley and Pokemon. In this game, you farm, adventure, and romance NPCs across 100 different islands, all while collecting cute creatures.

The farming elements in Moonstone Island are similar to other games in the genre, with a focus on growing crops and flowers for crafting and potion-brewing. The game’s world is stunning, and you can set up your home on any of the 100 procedurally generated islands, providing a unique and varied gaming experience.

Doraemon Story of Seasons

Release date: 11 October, 2019

Developers: Marvelous Inc., Brownies Inc.

Doraemon Story of Seasons is an unlikely blend of a classic farming series with a popular Manga character from the ’70s. The game combines the charm of the Doraemon universe with the intricate farming mechanics of the Story of Seasons series, resulting in a unique farming experience.

In the game, Doraemon plants crops, raises animals, and helps out the town of Natura, making friends with villagers and attending local festivals. The game brings a touch of Japanese culture to the genre, making it a unique addition to the farming game roster.


Release date: 6 December, 2022

Developer: PixelCount Studios

Kynseed is a pixel-art farming game developed by a group of former Fable series developers. The game offers a unique blend of farming and role-playing, featuring a large world to explore and a distinct art style.

In Kynseed, you plant crops, befriend townsfolk, explore the world, and partake in the game’s humor, which is inherited from the Fable series. The game’s focus on time progression, where your character grows old, has children, and then assumes the role of the offspring, makes it a standout title in the genre.

Garden Story

Release date: 11 August, 2021

Developer: Picogram

Garden Story is a farming RPG where you play as a grape tasked with restoring the harmony in a world where fruits and vegetables live in harmony. Along with farming, the game also focuses on solving puzzles, helping villagers, and restoring the structures of your island home.

Garden Story stands out from other farming games with its unique concept and charming graphics. The game also includes a compelling storyline and a variety of quests to keep players engaged and invested in their farming adventure.

Coral Island

Release date: 14 November, 2023

Developer: Stairway Games

Coral Island is a farming simulator game that transports players to a tropical island where they’re tasked with restoring the island’s ecosystem. While cultivating crops and raising livestock, players can also dive deep into the ocean to clean it up and interact with the island’s inhabitants.

The game offers a variety of farming activities, and the ability to restore the island’s coral reefs adds a unique twist to the traditional farming game formula. With its diverse cast of characters and regular updates, Coral Island is a farm simulator that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Sun Haven

Release date: 11 March, 2023

Developer: Pixel Sprout Studios

Sun Haven is a fantasy-themed farming simulator where players can cultivate crops, raise livestock, craft items, and explore a unique world filled with magic and mystery. The game offers an immersive storyline that unfolds as players progress through their farming tasks.

In addition to its farming elements, Sun Haven also features a robust RPG component, allowing players to engage in combat, complete quests, and interact with a diverse cast of characters. The multiplayer option also adds an extra layer of fun, enabling players to share their farming adventures with friends.

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Final Words

In conclusion, farm simulation games offer a unique blend of RPG mechanics, resource management, and a soothing atmosphere that captivates players worldwide. Whether you’re a seasoned farmer or just starting your first virtual ranch, these games provide a rewarding and engaging gaming experience. Happy farming!

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