Diablo 4: How to Get Unlimited Iron Chunks

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Iron chunks are a type of ore and one of the crafting materials needed when it comes to upgrading your weapons and jewelry in Diablo 4:

There’re different ways to get unlimited iron chunks in the game, but the quickest and easiest approach is to salvage your unwanted weapons and jewelry.

Salvaging unused weapons and jewelry

Just go to any blacksmith and select the Salvage tab, click on the salvaging tool, then click on the weapons or jewelry that aren’t important to you.

Doing this can give you iron chunks even from low-rarity items, so you don’t have to sacrifice rare or legendary items to get iron chunks (but you’ll receive more iron chunks and other upgrading materials if you are willing to lose rare, legendary, or more valuable items).

The salvaged materials you receive will appear in the bottom left corner like this:

If you run out of weapons or jewelry to salvage, you can farm them again and again by killing any kind of enemies.

Looting ore veins

You can loot ore veins and glittering ore veins scattered across all five regions of Diablo 4’s open world. Ore veins are typically found in underground areas such as mines, tunnels, and dungeons. However, ore veins are few and often don’t provide the amount of iron chunks you need, especially if you need to upgrade your weapons late in the game.

Obtaining iron chunks from foes

You can also randomly obtain iron chunks from enemies. Other possible methods to gain this material are opening from chests and completing quests as you explore and progress through the game. I also don’t rely on this way because it often doesn’t provide enough of the number of iron chunks I need, depends on luck and randomness, or has to go through long journeys in quests.

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