Facebook – How to Prevent Videos from Auto-Playing (2021)

Last updated on September 24, 2021 AJ Ling Loading... Post a comment

This article shows you how to prevent videos from auto-playing on the Facebook mobile app and on the Facebook web (there is some difference between the two platforms).

Disable Auto-playing Videos On Facebook App

1. Open your Facebook app then tap the hamburger icon on the right side.

2. Scroll down and tap “Settings & Privacy”.

3. Select “Settings” from the expanded panel.

4. Scroll down a little bit and head to the “Media” section.

5. Tick the checkbox labeled with “Never Autoplay Videos”.

You are all set.

Disable Auto-playing Videos On Facebook web

  1. Login your Facebook account on the web then click on the drop-down icon and select “Settings & privacy”.

2. Navigate to “Settings”.

3. Select “Videos” from the left-hand sidebar.

4. Head to the “Auto-play video” and select “Off” from the drop-down.

Done. From now on, videos on Facebook only start playing if that is what you want.

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